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  • Locations

    The experience of our consultants will help you choose the best location for all your needs within the Terre di Eolo,. Together with them, you will identify the settings that best suit your tastes: the choice of floral decorations, the mise en place, the musical accompaniment and any other aspect that will make up your wedding reception.

  • Catering

    The quality of the raw materials, the preparation of haute cuisine delicacies and a dish up to the level of the kitchens of the best starred restaurants, will transform your ceremony into a real event. The choice of dishes can range, according to needs and tastes, from traditional local cuisine to the most innovative kitchens of the moment.

  • Other services

    We put at your disposal a wide range of entertainment services, ranging from music to shows, we are in contact with the most disparate artistic realities in order to provide you with the widest possible choice. In addition, we will accompany you in the choice of mise en place, textiles, floral decorations.

Lands of Aeolus

The farmhouse that enchants

Design with skilful geometries and singular furnishings give life to an unusual and refined farmhouse that moves towards the future, along the thin thread of a consolidated tradition …

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Refinement of details and originality of the fittings


Terre di Eolo is a location suitable for modern ceremonies with an eye to tradition and sustainability. A truly singular, refined and unique place.

The search for details and the strong union of the structure with the surrounding environment also translates into the choice of menus that can range according to needs and tastes from traditional local cuisine to the most innovative kitchens of the moment and where traditional dishes are contaminated of innovative and avant-garde flavors

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The most beautiful day

Timeless elegance

The Terre di Eolo hotel has a unique atmosphere for married couples. In the large square in front of the farmhouse, everything merges into a single large scenario, surmounted by the Nebrodi and lapped by the sea, which almost seems to rejoin the infinity pool. The solarium leaves room for the green of the olive trees, giving the impression of remaining suspended and from the square you will find yourself inside, immersed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The 300sqm modular hall can accommodate up to 150 guests, for exclusive and sophisticated modern ceremonies.


Lands of Aeolus


Fun is the watchword for the success of an event. Those who participate want to go home with a nice memory to keep ….

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Unique experience

The breadth of the spaces and the variety of environments allow those wishing to organize an important event to create a real personalized path. The warm season gives married couples the opportunity to hold their own reception in the green of the gardens and the blue of the swimming pool. You will find yourself in a bucolic yet extremely refined atmosphere, in which the dominant actor is nature. A true paradise to share a special day or to celebrate an important event.

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Our goal is to fulfill your wishes. Creating each ad hoc event, creating a personalized and therefore unique experience, from its planning to its realization.

We are increasingly looking for exciting experiences that differentiate and characterize us. And we know that every event has a purpose in itself, be it celebratory, educational, or formative. Only by grasping this goal and working together, to transform the idea into reality, can we be able to design an experience beyond all expectations.

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