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Terre di Eolo stands on a hill surrounded by enchanting olive groves and from there looks out over the sea, from the part of the gulf that is home to the picturesque archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. Its location is strategic due to its proximity to the sanctuary of the Black Madonna of the Tindari and the beautiful beach of Mon Giove. The hotel echoes the original architecture of the place both in the choice of materials, many of which were reused to bring the building to life, and in the conservation of certain places, resulting in perfect harmony with the landscape, combining land and sea, tradition and innovation.

Elements of design such as the crystal hall or the large chandelier that runs vertically through all the floors are combined with elements that preserve the history of the farmhouse, including the beautiful wooden door or the stone millstone, details recovered through careful renovation and inserted perfectly into a contemporary context. You can choose from different locations for the various moments of the day, from the sea, to the solarium of the beautiful swimming pool overflow, at roof which provides a breathtaking view. A dream setting!

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